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I'm putting this website together to celebrate my
Dad's, Gordon Archer, artwork.

A lot of what he did in his career wasn't seen
by the general public but those jobs that were are
still looked and and remembered fondly by
a generation of people.

I will add examples of his work on here as I find
them. It's only been recently that we have discovered how popular his work was and still is and it's been great chatting to people who love his work. He's a very
modest person but all the messages I've passed on
to him have obviously made him quietly proud
of the work he did.

It's also been really interesting digging into
the past and remembering jobs that he worked on
and then trying to find examples on the internet.

My two son's are too young to remember their
granddad as an artist. They know him as the superb
gardener and the one that makes us laugh (not always intentionally) playing games after dinner.

I will add as many pictures as I can onto the gallery
page. They might not always be very well structured
but it's just great to show off his work.

Thanks for taking a look

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